Max Phase Instructions

The Max Phase is the second half of the 24-Day Challenge (days 11-24). During this phase you're adding energy, controlling your appetite, losing weight, and fueling up with core nutrition.

The Max Phase uses the following Advocare products:
  • Metabolic Nutrition System (*vitamins, minerals, metabolism booster, fat burner, appetite controller) Prioritize this product for best results!
  • Spark or Slam (*energy, mental focus, and appetite control)
  • Meal Replacement Shakes (*vitamins, protein, fat burning)
  • Catalyst (*fat burning, muscle retention, and appetite control)
  • ThermoPlus (*additional fat burning, energy, and appetite control)

Max Phase

Upon Rising: MNS "before breakfast" pack, 3-6 Catalyst, and 1-3 ThermoPlus.
30 Minutes Later: Meal Replacement Shake and BOTH MNS white packs.
30 Minutes Before Lunch: MNS "before lunch" pack, 3-6 Catalyst, and 1-3 ThermoPlus.
Lunch: Include some protein.
Mid-Afternoon: Spark or Slam, 3-6 Catalyst.


*Slam/Spark: You can take more than one serving of Spark or Slam throughout the day as needed for energy (empty stomach). Some people find it helpful to drink this in the morning with the "before breakfast" set of pills and then again in the afternoon.

*ThermoPlus: You want to find the right amount for you based on the overall energy effect you get from this product. You can start with 1 capsule during the times recommended above and increase this amount (up to 3 capsules) if you want even more energy.

*MNS: The "before meal" packs MUST be taken on an empty stomach to work. It is also critical that you EAT 30-45 MINUTES after you take each of the (include protein in your meal/snack). This will give you the smooth energy and physical results you are looking for. If you happen to "forget" to take the 2nd pack before lunch, you can wait until the afternoon (when your stomach is empty) to take it. Remember that you will still need to eat a snack 30 minutes later if you choose to take it this way. If you feel "to much energy" or "not enough energy", ask the distributor to help you switch over to one of the other versions of MNS. The white packs are rich n vitamins and minerals and require a full stomach to digest them appropriately. Do not take these without food.

*Catalyst: You can take as much catalyst as you can fit in during your day (empty stomach). The schedule above accounts for three times per day, but you may add more of less, depending on how quickly you desire to cut body fat. Take catalyst in sets of 3-6 capsules at a time.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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